Saturday, 11 March 2017

Your support is required for a planning application!

Many of you will remember the signing we did last year on the new multi-user path over Staker Hill (31 Mar 2016 - see blog post 28 Mar for details and pics on 11 Apr). This path is part of the White Peak Loop and also forms a new alignment of NCN Route 68. Unfortunately, we could not finish the job as there were some outstanding problems with the route which was to be taken by the path in the area of Harpur Hill, and the path itself is still incomplete.  Hopefully, this situation could soon be resolved as a planning application has now been lodged with High Peak District Council for a new link from the path to the Parks Inn. But we must take nothing for granted and this link will only happen if we give our support to the application. Click here for the link to the application and then go to the bottom of the page and click Comment on this application. Thanks for your support.

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