Monday, 29 February 2016

Advance notice of a ride on the new multi-user path June 2016

Firstly, a report on our last workday which was last Thursday (25 Feb). Catherine and David, and I rode Route 548 from Hartington to Minninglow in glorious sunshine. We repaired a number of old self-adhesive signs and added a few new self-adhesive and rigid ones, in an effort to make the route ever clearer. Nobody could ever get lost on our trails! We also found time to have a welcome cup of coffee in front of an open fire at Biggin Hall. 
A reminder that the next workday will be on Thursday 31 March, probably in Buxton. 
The multi-user path from Rowsley to Matlock is supposed to be finished by March this year, as the money that was successfully bid for in 2013 by DCC and other authorities has to be spent by then. I have recently had a look at progress on the path and can report that it is really looking good now, with a lot of tree clearance and the laying down of the base for whole new sections of trail. It will be brilliant when it's all finished! I am proposing a joint social ride (and maybe some signing) on our June workday - Thursday 30 June - together with the Derby Rangers group (and maybe others). I will put more details on the blog when we get nearer to the day. I will also put some pictures of the latest progress on the path in another post soon. 

Wednesday, 17 February 2016

February workday

Our next workday/ride will be on Thursday 25 February 2016. Meet outside the Beresford Tea Rooms, Hartington at 09:45 (or earlier if you want a tea) for a 10:00 start. The plan is to follow Route 548 from the Youth Hostel, through Biggin and on to the junction with the Tissington Trail. It makes sense to continue on Route 548 to its junction with the High Peak Trail, after which we can follow the HPT towards Cromford. Bring whatever you have in terms of basic Sustrans signage and patches 548, 549 (maybe), 68 (for the junction with the TT, if necessary) and 54. See you there!
I am hoping there will be significant progress on the new multi-user path between Matlock and Rowsley soon, so that we can do some new signing there. As the continuation of the Monsal Trail southwards, this MUP will be part of Route 680. Our signing should be welcomed here as DCC has been asking James Lowe recently about which numbers Sustrans are proposing for various new bits of the White Peak Loop. Moreover, I have seen "yuk!" notices posted on the part of the MUP which is already open!