Monday, 25 February 2013

How the Dutch got their cycle paths

This You-tube video was a revelation to me. Like a lot of people, I would guess, I imagined that Holland had had cycle paths since Roman times! Cycling was always part of the Dutch culture; it's in their genes! Not so. Click here to see a potted history of how the current situation came about. If the political will were present in this country, could Britain emulate Holland’s success?

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Renumbering of trails

New from Sustrans! Click on the picture to see the new 3-digit numbers for some of our trails. NCR549 Derby to Uttoxeter will continue to Waterhouses (this is a proposed route at the moment), then up the Manifold Valley Trail to Hulme End. Beyond this it goes mainly on road to Hartington and Sparklow, where it joins the High Peak Trail. NCR548 leaves the HPT at Minninglow and goes to Biggin and Hartington. NCR547 runs from the bottom of the Hopton Incline to Hopton, Carsington and Tissington, where it meets the Tissington Trail. Keep an eye on the blog for signing days - there's a lot to do!

Monday, 11 February 2013

Cycling events in the Peak

There are many cycling events coming up in the Peak District. To keep abreast of them, click here . Note in particular that there is to be a Festival of Cycling from 7 to 15 September 2013. Our Sustrans ranger group hopes to play a part in its organization. Watch out for further developments on the Peak Park website or on this blog!


Welcome to the blog of the White Peak Sustrans Volunteer Rangers! The group has been in existence for the last 12 years or so, ably led by Jeremy Taylor who will be standing down at the end of March in order to concentrate on his other interests. The area includes the Peak District National National Park and contains four of Britain's most famous cycling trails, all passing through some of most beautiful scenery in the country. The Tissington Trail and  its continuation onto the High Peak Trail form the backbone of our patch, and are designated part of Route 68 of the National Cycle Network. The Monsal Trail became a continuous walking and cycling path when 4 old railway tunnels were opened up by the Peak Park Authority in 2011, and forms part of new Route 680. The lower section of the High Peak Trail and the Manifold Valley Trail are at present stretches of National Route 54, although some of this numbering may change. 
For some time, the charity Peak Cycle Links, set up by Jeremy, has been championing a 60-mile loop between Cromford and Buxton, which will include three of the trails mentioned above and sections linking them together, to be built over the next few years. PCL will be concentrating their efforts on a stretch between Buxton town centre and the top end of the High Peak Trail, while a consortium of Peak Park and the local authorities, led by Derbyshire CC, will be completing a route between Matlock and Buxton railway stations which includes the Monsal Trail. 
From 1 April, I am hoping to build up a group, on behalf of Sustrans, which will ride the trails regularly and keep an eye on any problems that might arise, and notify Peak Park and Derbyshire and Staffordshire county councils accordingly. We will also be signing the trails which are parts of the NCN.
Pictures are of NCR54 at the Tissington ford, the Tissington Trail and the Monsal Trail (Chee Tor tunnels).