Saturday, 10 October 2015

Work-morning dates fixed into 2016

After carrying out a survey of people's preferences, it seems that the most popular day for our regular work-mornings is Thursday. I propose therefore the last Thursday in every month, which gives the following dates.
For 2015: 26 Nov, 31 Dec; for 2016: 28 Jan, 25 Feb, 31 Mar, 28 Apr, 26 May, 30 Jun, 28 Jul, 25 Aug, 29 Sep, 27 Oct, 24 Nov, 29 Dec. We should use these dates for signing and other work, social rides (for our group - not the public) and for various training sessions, such as ride leader training. 
Generally expect that a work morning will last from 10:00 to 13:00, although these might change in function of a long ride to the venue or a long job! It may also be the case that from time to time we will have to cancel a workday, if for example the weather is bad or we simply having nothing planned! Remember, we now have twelve sessions in the year, which is already more than we have had per year over the last two years! 
Could you look out for problems of signage or other matters in your immediate area (or elsewhere on our patch) and let me know what you think needs sorting, please. The main signing jobs have been done now, so look out for torn, worn, missing or vandalized patches; also places where "this way to" or route numbers in brackets would be an improvement. Also, consider this: signage may be very good once you are on a route, but what if you are not? How do you get onto it? Where are the signs which tell you which way to go? Lastly, think about where we could put up destination patches. These can be ordered from Bristol, but more of that later.
Note that rides for the public, a programme of which we are still trying to get off the ground for 2016, will not fall within these dates, but are likely to be on Sundays, or maybe in the evenings. 

White Peak Loop: an update

It seems that the A6 bridge will not be built in the near future, out of the Department of Transport money which was awarded to the Pedal Peak Phase II project in 2013. However, work on the sections of proposed trail from Matlock to Rowsley has already begun. I had a look today at the footpath between Church Lane, Darley Dale, and the Peal Rail car park at Rowsley South station, and took a few photos. The surface of this path is in a variety of states of redevelopment at the moment, as you can see. We have been told that work on the whole stretch should be finished by March 2016. After that, we can think about signing it! (National Route 680)

Route 680)

Thursday, 8 October 2015


As a celebration of 20 years of the National Cycle Network, there will be a ride for families starting at Carsington Water at 11 am till about 3 pm, led by our group. There will be a lunch break at a suitable venue. The ride will include at least one of our local traffic-free trails in the Peak District, as well as some quiet roads, and will take in some breathtaking Derbyshire scenery. Meet at 10:45 am for a prompt start at 11:00 outside the Carsington Water Visitor Center and finish back at Carsington around 15:00 or earlier. Please come along and give it your support!