Saturday, 4 February 2017

Public rides for 2017

After our discussions on Thursday evening I hope that you will also consider further what format our programme of rides for 2017 should take. We originally agreed we would aim for one a month, but I may look to supplement this with a few shorter, evening rides along the Monsal Trail. Is this too ambitious a programme?

The question is.... do we look to establish a regular group for whom we can establish greater levels of competence and confidence over the summer months OR do we just hold each months' ride in a different location around the area as a way of trying to introduce the cycle network to as many people as possible?

Anyway, I will circulate separately the draft "2017 Programme of led rides" document (not sure how to include it here), which is indicative of what the programme will look like, once I have all your feedback and comments. It has embedded documents which include example risk assessments and communication briefs to use to drum up attendances.

The programme will only be successful if we can all make some commitment to it, so its important that we set out something that we are all happy with, and which is not too ambitious in this first year.

Please let me have your suggestions for rides, thoughts and other comments by end of February, at which point I will send an updated draft for us all to consider.

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